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Signs Of Cheating

If you think your spouse is cheating on you, then observe if he or she is displaying any of signs that he or she is having an affair with someone else.

Signs Of Cheating Partner

What is Considered as Cheating

Any sort of activity where you’re not faithful to your partner or spouse is cheating. This can mean sexual relationships with people, as the classic definition of cheating, or it could be emotional cheating, where you spend more time with the other person than your partner. It also may be indirect, where you’re thinking about cheating. Let’s dive into subtle signs someone is cheating.

Signs of an infidelity spouse

Infidelity occasionally happens at work or during deployment, and the signs of infidelity are hard to see in that case. Here are the guaranteed signs of a cheating spouse:

When the spouse that is cheating suddenly becomes more attentive to his/Her partner

This is because of the guilty feelings that the cheater may have at the moment. Then, he/she will begin to look for fault in all the things that their spouse will do in order to give a reason for their affair.

When they give less attention to the activities in their home

When they give less attention to the activities in their home. They may break the routine that they established at home for no logical or obvious reason. They will display lack of interest on you and they lose their desire to give your children the love and attention they need. A cheating spouse also will not not show any attempt to do house repairs and any other home fix-ups.

When there’s a noticeable change in the sex life of your spouse

Some may have unexplained sexual demands while some cheating spouses no longer want to have sex with their mate.

When the behavior of your spouse gives you an intuition or a “gut feeling” that something is simply not right

So when you’re in doubt, better give your instincts enough attention. Ignoring the changes in your partner’s attitudes, habits and usual routines only means that you are blinding yourself to the reality.


Are You In A Long-Distance Relationship?

If you ask your long-distance lover about their day, they get angry or defensive. They won’t answer many of your questions, and they’ve shown no desire to reunite anytime soon. Your phone calls are gone unanswered. They cancel plans with you. They won’t say « I love you » back.

Uh-oh. Your lover (Girlfriend or Boyfriend) seems to be cheating on you and/or hiding something from you!

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Guaranteed signs of cheating

These are just few of the telltale signs of a cheating spouse. But you should not accuse your mate for cheating just because of these signs. Such guaranteed signs are intended just to guide you in finding out if your spouse is really cheating on you.

Warning signs of cheating in a relationships

There are also major warning signs of cheating. These are usually signs that your other half is cheating. This includes physical signs of infidelity, including they don’t touch you as much.  Another one of the major signs your spouse is cheating is it’s suddenly hard to get a hold of them. If you notice their phone is off or they’re ignoring you, that’s cheating. You also may notice the following:

  1. Apparent sign of a cheating spouse is his/her “finances”. Remember that in order to play, one must pay and cheating usually costs a lot of money. So better be aware of your spouse’s ATM withdrawals. Also, when you detect chargers in your credit cards for gifts that weren’t given to you or to your children, then he/she might give it to someone else.
  2. When his/her taste in music changes all of a sudden. He/she might begin to have interest in such kind of music because his/her lover likes it and listens to it.
  3. A cheating spouse will pick fights so he/she has a reason to get mad and stomp out of your house and meet his/her lover.
  4. When your spouse stops saying “I love you” and stops flattering you. He/she may also become hesitant to kiss you and may ignore your affection.
  5. There are also physical signs that you must pay attention to in order to find out if your spouse is cheating. Among them are: Lipstick on the collar, Scent of someone else’s cologne or perfume in his/her shirt/blouse, The underwear may have secretion stains, strange hair on the seat of his/her car or in his/her clothes.
  6. Another evident signs of a cheating spouse is the condom or any birth control paraphernalia in their vehicle.
  7. When there’s an unusual change in your mate’s grooming habit. Cheaters are more conscious on the way they dress and on the way their hair looks.
  8. Your spouse may be cheating when they forbid you from using their computer or when they shut it down abruptly when you enter the room. Their laptop or personal computer may be password protected and they usually use the internet particularly late at night.
  9. When you are not allowed to use or even to look at their iPhone. They may also be secretive of their cell phone bills or Social Media.

More Unusual signs that your partner is cheating

There are other more unusual and subtle signs of cheating to watch out for as well:

They're reluctant to make any big joint purchases

They’re reluctant to make any big joint purchases.

They are wearing new or different clothing.

They are wearing new or different clothing.
They are suddenly paying a lot of attention to you

They are suddenly paying a lot of attention to you after being distant for a while

They are suddenly moody without explanation or apology.

They are suddenly moody without explanation or apology
Significantly less or more sex in the relationship

Significantly less or more sex in the relationship.

They attack you for inconsequential things.

They attack you for inconsequential things

How Can You Tell if You Are Being Lied to About Cheating?

You can tell if you look at physical signs of infidelity. If they keep denying it and they shy away from you, then that’s a sign they may be lying. If they constantly deny and get defensive, act out for it too.

These unusual signs of cheating in a relationship may be odd, but they are signs your spouse is cheating if they’re random and seem unfounded.

Check for any subtle signs that your spouse might be cheating

  • You feel like you are getting the cold shoulder
  • They are hiding things from you on their phone
  • They have inexplicable expenses
  • They ask…”what would you do if you were cheated on?”
  • Your partner comes out and says that certain behaviors don’t constitute cheating
  • They always want to know where you’ll be
  • You can’t find them or reach them
  • Their friends are being weird
  • They accuses you of cheating
  • They don’t talk about you on Social Media
  • They’re always on social media
  • They’ve suddenly got new sex moves
  • You’re getting a lot of gifts
  • They are not interested in the things they used to be interested in
  • Your partner has narcissistic disorder

⚠️ Be Careful in Interpreting The Signs of Infidelity

Sometimes, it’s a mistake, and it leads to arguments, and if you don’t see at least 10 of these, it might be better to hold your fire. There are signs of infidelity, but it might just be an overreaction or a misunderstanding unless they’re rampant.